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2017 03-14
Talking about the present situation of the vest type plastic bag

Supermarket shopping bag is usually used to vest plastic bags and non-woven bags two, and consumers need a shopping bag at the same time have to pay the corresp…

2017 03-14
Talking about how to choose customized plastic bag

Every day we come into contact with a lot of plastic bottles, and do not say, take the plastic bag is not only the supermarket shopping bags, and various types …

2017 03-11
RPC launched seafood packaging system: transportation convenience

It is reported that the packaging system is provided with a light tray, sealing membrane and tray sealing device, can pack all kinds of seafood products includi…

2017 03-11
Plastic packaging hot plastic bottle market began warming

Plastic bottles more and more orders, recently attracted the attention of the author. In the past, the market is very difficult to enter the wine bottle plastic…

2017 03-11
Lightweight plastic packaging to open up a new round of market

China is the world's largest fruit and vegetable production and sales of large countries, but each year in the storage, transportation and sale of the loss …

2017 03-25
Customized plastic bags focus on quality improvement

Crazy double eleven shopping spree has not receded, has created a new record. From which we see the current market competition is very strong, for the quality o…