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Talking about the present situation of the vest type plastic bag

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Supermarket shopping bag is usually used to vest plastic bags and non-woven bags two, and consumers need a shopping bag at the same time have to pay the corresponding costs, such as plastic bag size is 0.3 yuan, 3 yuan of non-woven bags. The vest bag is the most commonly used supermarket shopping bag, bag also known, because of its shape is like a vest and vest, so by such a name. The production of plastic bags is relatively simple, but the use is very wide, so the application of the market is more common, not limited to supermarket shopping bags. Vest bag cost is relatively low, so a huge amount of customization.

1, the application of vest bag

Ten years ago, the production of vest bags is not very standardized, the quality is not up to the requirements. From the beginning of 08 years, the production and sale of plastic bags have a set of standards, the thickness of the bag can not be less than 0.025mm, and the supermarket may not be free. Thin plastic bag gradually reduced, and the standard of the bag can be reused several times, so that the usage of vest bag fell. With the continuous development of production technology, degradable shopping bags have been put into use.

2, the scope of application

At present, the main place to use a vest bag is a supermarket and community convenience store. The supermarket chain bag is to be paid, so many people will choose to bring their own shopping bags, thus reducing the use of shopping bags. Supermarket shopping bags divided into small and medium-sized models to meet the different needs. Some enterprises will customize the vest bag printing enterprise information, distributed to the community or the market. Not limited to this, there are a lot of the use of vest bag.