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Plastic packaging hot plastic bottle market began warming

Edit:Network editorial departmentTime:2017-03-11Clicks:279

Plastic bottles more and more orders, recently attracted the attention of the author. In the past, the market is very difficult to enter the wine bottle plastic bottle packaging field, few manufacturers are willing to use plastic bottles for packaging. However, the market is quietly changing, the data from the Chinese packaging bottles, plastic bottles market orders grew rapidly, but the volume is generally not large orders. Plastic bottle market began to rise, the author believes that the wine consumer market and the current rational wine market downturn is a great relationship. Low end wine and wine from the beginning of popularity, giving plastic bottles have a breakthrough market opportunities.

However, the increasingly popular plastic bottles, I believe that there are some problems. First of all, the safety of plastic bottle packaging, after all, wine belongs to food, and people's health is closely related. Long term storage of plastic bottles of liquor, wine and so on, whether it can guarantee the safety and stability of packaging materials, packaging and beverage products will not affect the quality and safety, which is very critical. Secondly, plastic bottle packaging is very simple, beautiful appearance, unique design. This wine bottle packaging has a high demand for manufacturers or rarely use plastic bottles, more use is the appearance of more optional glass bottles, ceramic bottles, etc.. Therefore, to enhance the appearance of plastic bottle packaging is very beautiful and diverse style.

Plastic bottles in the future market, I think there is a certain space, but there are a lot of barriers need to cross, I hope we can continue to keep pace with the plastic bottle manufacturers.