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Identification of two kinds of plastic bags

Edit:Network editorial departmentTime:2017-03-14Clicks:255

Plastic bags are more common in our lives, and provide more convenient use, especially in supermarkets and major business markets are more commonly used to. From the plastic products in circulation on the market now are generally using polyethylene film processing, in addition to using a PVC processing, when used in the life to understand some basic knowledge to distinguish between. Here, the plastic bag manufacturers simply introduce the basic skills used in daily life.

Plastic bag manufacturers pointed out that the classification of plastic bags is mainly polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride, in the distinction between the two substances can pay attention to the characteristics of their own.

Polyethylene film is not toxic, showing a milky white translucent state, if the superposition of the grassroots to see it will be more obvious. Polyethylene is relatively lubricated, the surface looks like a layer of wax, if you shake the bag, you can hear the crisp sound. This material meets the fire will be yellow, resulting in a candle burning taste.

PVC is the most popular synthetic material, if there is no added pigment, it is usually transparent, if touched by hand, you will feel the surface scrub. Generally if the shaking bag, the sound of this material is relatively low, and generally not easy to burn, even if there is a short flame, but also a green. The distinction between these two materials is relatively simple, which can be quickly identified.

The use of plastic bags is now reduced to a better life to promote environmental protection plastic bag manufacturers to use other materials to replace, but even so, as we choose the convenience of life, there is still a very important position.