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Application status and scope of plastic T-shirt Bag

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The vest bag is now the most common on the market a plastic bag, also called the bag. Its shape is like a vest and vest, so by such a name. The production of plastic vest bag is relatively simple, but the use is very wide, so the application of the market is more common, is a necessity of daily life. And, this kind of plastic bag price is cheap, so a lot of people will not be reused, caused a certain plastic bag pollution problem.

1, application status

In eight years ago, plastic vest bags can be seen everywhere, thin, thick have this plastic bag. However, due to the application of this vest bag is too wide, or even abuse, in order to limit the increase in plastic pollution related to the issue of plastic limit. Plastic limit from the beginning of 08 years, the prohibition of the production of plastic bags under the wire 2.5, that is, the thickness of the vest bag can not be less than 0.025mm. Slowly, the market of small dealers use the plastic bags is gradually reduced, some very thin very small bag has to see it.

2, the scope of application

At present, the main place to use a vest bag is a supermarket and community convenience store. Supermarkets use bags to pay, so many people will choose to bring their own shopping bags, which reduces the use of plastic bags. The supermarket and the community convenience store bag and mistress models, is a more environmentally friendly shopping bags, with supermarkets and convenience stores logo. Followed by the convenience of the retail bag. Some of these tapes are transparent, some with color, generally no logo, not environmentally friendly, so it is not recommended to use this bag.