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What should be paid attention to plastic bags

Edit:Network editorial departmentTime:2017-03-14Clicks:225

We know that shopping malls, supermarkets will be customized with their own logo plastic bags, and the use of plastic bags are used to print corporate logo and related content. Therefore, it is necessary to make plastic bags. So, in custom-made plastic bags, should pay attention to what the problem? This is a small series to introduce the relevant matters.

1, plastic bag manufacturers choice

Today, the production of plastic bags has been subject to certain restrictions and regulations, but even so there are many unscrupulous manufacturers in the production of plastic bags. Therefore, in the choice of manufacturers, we must choose the regular safety production of the manufacturers, so as to ensure their own customized plastic bags produced can be put into the market use, and is safe, especially relates to food plastic bags, even more so.

2, the choice of materials

Custom plastic bags, to clear what kind of material selection. At present, the main production of plastic bags is polyethylene and polypropylene, the former non-toxic environmental protection, which is not toxic and environmentally friendly, so the use of the scope and use is very different. Custom made, it is necessary to use their own plastic bags are used to do, choose the appropriate material.

3, the size of the choice

If it is made of plastic bags, the size of the model can be determined. With the convenient bag supermarket as an example, generally have large and medium-sized mistress models, and these models in the factory there are not uniform, sometimes can adjust the model according to the specific needs of the supermarket. Moreover, the convenience of the supermarket bag, we must print the national unity of the chain of logo, food safety and the like, but also to print on food safety related logo, to be able to put into use.