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Material types of composite bags made of plastic bags

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There are too many kinds of plastic bags, plastic bags, we usually customized cognition may only be bag like, such as supermarket shopping bag, a plastic bag is called composite bag, as the name suggests, it is a few layers of materials, the production process than the vest bag like are much more complex, commonly used in industrial and food packaging.

Composite bags are usually made up of three layers of materials:

Outer layer: enhance the mechanical strength, heat resistance, printing and optical properties.

Intermediate: highlight the main function of the composite structure, such as barrier properties, preservation and other properties.

Inner layer: mainly sealing performance, followed by the packaging material pressure, fall, sealing performance, etc..

So, to understand the characteristics of different levels, to talk about different levels of material characteristics. The types and characteristics of composite bags are as follows:

BOPP: high tensile strength, but low tear strength, good chemical stability, non-toxic tasteless, excellent water resistance.

CPP: high transparent bag, good gloss, high degree of stiffness, so the packaging products shelf display effect, high temperature resistance, can be more than 100 degrees cooking.

BOPET: tensile strength is one of the best in all plastic film, air, odor barrier is very high, is one of the fragrant material.

BOPA: tensile strength, tear strength, impact strength and fracture strength are among the best in plastic materials.

PE: plastic film in the largest amount of a class, good flexibility, high elongation, low hardness.

VMPET/VMCPP: high barrier performance film, excellent protection and light shielding performance, can prevent food oxidation deterioration.

EVOH: excellent gas barrier properties, good fragrance and chemical resistance, suitable for oil liquid and toxic volatile packaging.

AL: aluminum foil material, barrier performance is very good, no light, no moisture, air permeability.

Different materials for different product packaging, production process for more composite bag, please pay attention to Huasheng Plastic bag factory. Custom plastic bags contact customer service, personalized program on-demand customization!

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