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Plastic T-shirt Bag use scope and quality Division

Edit:Network editorial departmentTime:2017-03-11Clicks:253

The scope of plastic products is very wide, we are in contact with plastic bags in particular, and the classification of plastic bags are also thousands of species, and our daily lives are closely related. In all kinds of plastic bags, vest bag (bag) is the most common and used, whether it is to go shopping or food market, or community convenience stores, are widely used in plastic bag, then specifically, what the application scope of this bag?

1, large supermarket shopping bag. When we are in the big shopping malls and supermarkets, at the time of checkout basically will be used to vest type shopping bag, vest bag shopping places, the material is usually biodegradable or GB thickening, quality is good. Supermarket shopping bags are usually divided into large and small three different sizes, according to the number of consumers to buy goods to choose the right size of plastic bags, and this kind of bag is to charge, between 0.1 yuan ~0.5 yuan. Under normal circumstances, supermarket shopping bags will be printed on the top of the design patterns, the mall's logo, address, as well as publicity, etc..

2, market generic bag. In the use of plastic bags in the main market, are made of ordinary materials, these bags are thin, color variety, the quality is low.

3, advertising vest bag. There are often Real Estate Company, enterprises and institutions tailored vest bags as advertising gifts distributed, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing. This kind of bag requires high quality, fine print, convenient for the public, but also won the eye, kill two birds with one stone.

Overall, the main role of plastic vest bag is convenient shopping, although simple, very wide.